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Árbakki explores feasibility of utilising waste heat from PCC

Árbakki Eco-Industrial Park has secured a financial boost from the Northeast Iceland Development Plan. The project aims to explore the feasibility of utilising waste heat, known as “glatvarmi,” generated by the PCC BakkiSilicon factory in Bakki near Húsavík. The heat could be repurposed for other industrial activities or as a heat source for the upcoming Eco-Industrial Park, Árbakki.

The initiative involves data collection and analysis crucial for the economic assessment of the waste heat generated in PCC Silicon’s cooling system. The goal is to determine the viability of using the heat for a district heating system in Árbakki. This aligns with the forthcoming development of the Eco-Industrial Park in the area. The comparison will be made with the cost of the traditional extension of the Húsavík district heating system to Árbakki.

A total of 123 applications were submitted to the Development Fund of Northeast Iceland this year, with 76 projects receiving funding totalling 73,592,200 ISK. The distribution from the Northeast Iceland Regional Plan is funded by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Infrastructure, and the municipalities of Northeast Iceland.