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Community involvement

Building on local strengths and resources

Setting goals for the future of Húsavík

Landsvirkjun and the municipality of Norðurþing signed a cooperation agreement in 2022 outlining the development and construction of the Eco-Industrial Park at Bakki near Húsavík. The opportunities for full utilization and value creation within the park align well with Iceland’s goals in the circular economy, green solutions, and societal and economic matters.

Involving the community

In 2022, Norðurþing municipality hosted an open meeting in Húsavík to involve the local community in the decision making. Local participation was overwhelmingly positive, deeming the opportunities credible. The meeting was streamed live, showcasing presentations on the collaborative project by Iceland’s Ministry of Industries and Innovation, Landsvirkjun, Norðurþing, and the Ministry for the Environment, Energy, and Climate.