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Eco-Industrial Park

Pioneering Geothermal Excellence for a Sustainable Future

Geothermal SMART Industrial Symbiosis

One of the most striking environmental benefits of Árbakki Eco-Industrial Park is its commitment to geothermal energy optimisation. Located in a region abundant with geothermal resources, the park harnesses the Earth’s natural heat to power its operations, drastically reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing carbon emissions. This does not only diminish the parks ecological footprint, but also serves as a source of inspiration for similar initiatives globally.

Leading the Way with Circular Economy Excellence in Design and Management

The park’s design and management incorporates a recycling and waste management system. Through advanced technologies and meticulous planning, it operates on a closed-loop concept, where waste from one process becomes raw material for another process, when possible. The adoption of this circular economy strategy significantly reduces waste generation and landfill contribution, encapsulating the fundamental principles of sustainability.

Living Lab Research Center  

The park fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration, nurturing research and development initiatives focused on eco-friendly technologies. It serves as a hub for forward thinking research institutes and companies, fostering a collaborative environment that propels the advancement of sustainable practices and technologies.

Industrial Development

By promiting renewable energy, implementing circular economy principles, prioritizing biodiversity preservation, and fostering innovation, Árbakki Eco-Industrial Park in Húsavík sets an example and paves the way for the future global sustainable industrial development of the 21 century.

Economically Beneficial

Árbakki Eco-Industrial Park´s dedication to environmental stewardship/responsibility not only protects the local ecosystem, but also sets remarkable example for the global community, proving that economic progress can indeed thrive hand in hand with environmental preservation.

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduction of air pollution
  • Reduction of soil pollution
  • Reduction of volume and load of waste water discharges
  • Mitigation of emissions of CO2
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Reduction of energy use
  • Preservation of biodiversity and nature
  • Reduction in solid and hazardous waste
  • Reduction of product losses
  • Implementation of the circular economy
  • Disaster risk reduction

Our Mission 

– to build a sustainable industry fueled by renewable geothermal energy

– to be a nucleus for eco-friendly enterprises, fostering a harmonious blend of innovation and environmental stewardship

– to transform unused raw materials into value, create meaningful employment, and contribute to a greener future for the northeast Iceland community

“As the world works to redefine industry norms, our commitment to circular economies and responsible resource management empowers businesses to thrive within a green ecosystem”

Karen Mist Kristjánsdóttir, project manager

Welcome to Árbakki Eco-Industrial Park – where sustainability meets industrial innovation