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Welcome message from Mayor Katrín Sigurjónsdóttir

Mayor Katrín Sigurjónsdóttir

Dear Investors and Visionaries,

I am excited to welcome you to Bakki Eco Park, where a green industrial initiative is underway.

We are building a collaborative space for companies, emphasizing resource sharing and environmental responsibility. With geothermal energy from the Þeistareykir powerplant and a private tunnel connecting the area to Húsavík’s industrial harbor, Bakki offers efficiency in a strategic location. The existing silicon metal plant, operated by PCC and contract with companies in the area, give the area a headstart in resource efficiency.

The town of Húsavík boasts a rich industrial legacy dating all the way back to 1761 when a Sulfur Processing Company and Export were established in the town.

Our emphasis has long been on harnessing the region’s rich geothermal energy resources, and locals have consistently spearheaded the adoption of new technologies. A good example is how locals spearheaded the founding of the Þeistareykir Power Station, a project the the National Power Company later took over and is the foundation of what we are now able to offer at Bakki.

This proactive spirit of our people has transformed Húsavík into a vibrant hub for creativity and forward-thinking initiatives.

Húsavík is now proudly home to a new innovation center that symbolizes the town’s commitment to fostering creativity, supporting entrepreneurship, and continuing its tradition of embracing cutting-edge technologies. The legacy of industry in Húsavík serves as a testament to the community’s resilience and adaptability, positioning it as a beacon for future advancements in innovation and sustainable development.

With over 200 hectares of land, Bakki invites investment in sustainable industry. Our careful planning and robust infrastructure aim to create an environment conducive to enterprise success.

Invest in Bakki, where innovation meets sustainability, and let us together redefine the future of industry, for the good of our community and common goals.

Warm regards,

Katrín Sigurjónsdóttir

Mayor of Norðurþing